Ghazaros Aghayan

скачанные файлыGhazaros Stepani Aghayan was an Armenian writer, educator, folklorist, historian, linguist and public figure. Aghayan was born in Bolnis-Khachen, an Armenian village in the Russian Empire in what is now Georgia. He received his early education in Bolnis-Khachen, and at the age of thirteen he entered to the Nersisyan School in Tiflis. He left the school after one year because of his family’s financial problems. Aghayan traveled between Tiflis, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. He died in Tiflis at the June 20, 1911 age of 71. He was born 1840, April 5.
His works
1867 – “Arutiun and Manvel” (autobiographical novel)
1872 – “Two sisters ” (social novel)
1888 – “Torg-Angegh” (poems)
1893 – “The Main Events of My Life ” (memoirs)
1881 – “Anahit” (tale)
1887 – “Aregnazan” (fairy tale)
1904 – “The Fairy Tales of Grandmother Gulnaz”
1908 – “Arevik” (educational book)


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